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 Propelled Media Mentorship program was designed for Caribbean/ African American young ladies between the ages of 16 -21. ( All are welcome to apply) An outlet outside of school parameters created to cultivate growing innovative minds in the realm of media.

The unique program offers matriculated candidates the opportunity to hone or even discover a particular interest in multimedia news, producing, public speaking, acting, artistry, film making, dance, and entertainment. In addition to this, candidates will receive group and one on one mentoring on day to day challenges young ladies face in their age group.

Our Mission

Each cohort affords candidates the opportunity to have an interactive experience through the aforementioned categories. Additionally, a series of interactive workshops will be conducted by mentors, board members and invited public figures. They are acknowledged as “Wings” throughout the program. Candidates are given assignments to work on according to each division the program has to offer.

At the end of each cohort there is a graduation where mentees will be acknowledged as “Propellers” and be equipped to face new challenges the media industry or life may bring. Upon completion to the program, two mentees will be selected to receive a scholarship towards their studies and or media endeavors. Candidates are also given the chance to fill out evaluation forms on how their experience was relative to the program. 


What makes this particular mentorship program unique is the unconventional atmosphere and curriculum that will be experienced by both mentors and mentees on and offsite. Not only will mentees be equipped with tools needed to develop in their respective fields of choice by seasoned experts, but also by their peers who are currently dominating the industry as well.

Look like a girl , act like a lady , work like a boss .
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